March 2017 Featured Artist - Prismatic Gardens

March 2017 Featured Artist - Prismatic Gardens

Little Button Craft would like to welcome Sigriet Ferrer of Prismatic Gardens as our March 2017 Featured Artist!


Prismatic Garden’s goal is to transform raw natural materials into a unique creation that will intrigue your mind, enamor your heart, and enrich your life. Each and every design is part of a magical process; an organic synergy is created between distinct elements, whether it’s through an extravagant floral arrangement or a simple terrarium. The elements completing each piece are meticulously selected and curated with a discerning eye.
Photo Credit: Jessica Campbell of @rocgirlgang


Come See The Prismatic Gardens Pop Up Shop Saturday March 11th from 4-7pm! You can also see Sigriet's window display in our shop all month!


Listen to the Prismatic Gardens Spotify Playlist for Concentration or Motivation by clicking the links!


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