May 2017 Featured Artist - StormyMade

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May 2017 Featured Artist - StormyMade

@stormymade is a Rochester-based psychedelic meme visionary working to create the iconographic religious art of internet culture. Her candy colored creations synthesize rococo court painting, 60s pop art, religious iconography, unabashed femininity, and of course- dank dank memes. @stormymade considers her digital imagery to be the artwork itself, and the physical form serves as a means of distribution. 

You can find her at the Hungerford Building most First Fridays selling her stickers, buttons, and prints, as well as setting up pop up shops at bars around the Rochester. Her work can also be purchased through

Come to Stormy's Pop Up Thursday, May 18th from 5-8pm here at Little Button

Check out StormyMade's Sonic Candy Playlist on our Shop Spotify Page!

@stormymade on instagram, facebook, tumblr & twitter


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