October Featured Artist - TesonHOME

October Featured Artist - TesonHOME


Little Button is happy to have Terri Barbero of TesonHOME as our featured artist for October 2017. You can come see her window display throughout the month of October, and visit her pop up shop on Thursday, October 26th from 5-8pm.


Here's some info about TesonHOME from their etsy page:

"All of our items are made from the scraps and cast off pieces of recycled pallet wood and reclaimed lumber that were used in making our custom order backyard fences. We are taking the idea of "re-purposed" one big step further by reusing our own discarded materials. *Reduce. Reuse. Recycle*

We built our own beautiful picket fence from salvaged pallet wood back in 2014. We knew we were on to something when people started commenting on our fence and asking what company installed it. Then we started getting requests to build fences for friends and family. tesonHOME was born out of a desire to help others - help them get a beautiful fence to protect their pets and kids that wouldn't drain their bank accounts. Our fences are unique with their modular design and no-dig installation.

Building large pieces like fence panels means making a LOT of scraps. We saved most, thinking we would use it for bonfires or small hobbies. But then one bucket turned to two, then three, four, and then trash cans full. Multiple trash cans. FULL. In Oct 2016 we put our heads together and came up with our line of garlands and decorative painted letter blocks as a way to use up the scraps. We displayed them at a local craft show and nearly sold out in one day."

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