Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It's December second. 

You've just realized that there are only three weeks left before nearly everyone in your life is expecting a tangible representation of your very complex feelings for them. Take a deep breath. Count to five. Now let it out. Little Button has got you covered.

Welcome to the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. 

Ever had a great idea but you threw your smartphone into a wishing well and you're miles from any device with a keyboard? Never fear. Just Terrific has the perfect products for you. Whether jotting down your memoirs in the wilderness or keeping a secret close to your heart, Just Terrific creates jewelry that beautifully marries form and function. 



If you're like me, you don't leave home without a personal flask of pure maple syrup. You'll never have to play "guess the liquid" with those restaurant dispensers again, because you'll have your own private stash of pure maple goodness from Kettle Ridge on you at all times. Conveniently slipped into purse or pocket, you'll definitely be the toast of brunch this holiday season thanks to your good friends at Kettle Ridge. 



Living an adventurous life is not easy. EvenOdd has designed their products with this in mind. I was recently exploring the bayous of the deep South via fanboat when disaster struck. From out of the muck and the mire reared a massive python. The serpent bore down upon my trusty little craft, but I was able to fend it off using only a flare and my Maker Roll. When the vile snake had descended back into the murky depths, I checked the contents of the roll for any damage. My pens, notebook and intelligent cellular telephone were all snug as bugs in a rug, undisturbed by the python's assault. 



Do you know what cats love? Lasagna. Do you know what cats hate? Mondays. Guess what? None of that is true. Here's what is true – empirically, scientifically-proven-to-be-true – cats LOVE catnip. It makes them go koo koo bananas (that's the scientific term, look it up). When you bring home one of Lucinda Storms' catnip mice, your cat will love you for at least an hour, which is a significantly greater amount of time than non-herbally enhanced cats are capable of feeling and expressing love. Trust me, it's science. 



No one, and I mean no one, likes a boring refrigerator. Whether you're ready for it or not, the holiday season is upon us, and that means you're going to have people all up in your kitchen. Don't bore them to tears with a bland fridge that's masquerading as "minimalist". You're not fooling anyone. Luckily Patent Art Gallery's got you covered with their selection of festive and interesting magnets. They're guaranteed to make your refrigerator more confident in all social situations. 



Do you find you have trouble carrying more than a few essential items in your hands? Tired of having to juggle chapstick, pens, coins and the other accoutrements of daily life when on the go? Look no further than mMmily Handmade's stylish zipper pouches. Available in a variety of sizes and patterns, you'll be the envy of your friends who spent the equivalent of a small Caribbean country's GDP on something from the brand whose name rhymes with Schmera Schmadley. 



Looking for a way to adorn your vest or backpack, but don't want to to be just another one of those "pinheads" with a whole bunch of heavy metal and enamel dragging down your denim? Lumpy Buttons is here to help. With their wide selection of soft and stylish pins, you can jazz up any boring old bag or jacket without breaking the bank. 



I was seeking enlightenment in the remotest peaks of the Himalayas when I was suddenly set upon by a troop of ferocious yeti. Out of sheer instinct, I began to run. The great beasts gave chase, I could hear their grunts and snarls behind me as they pursued not far behind. I continued, pell-mell, across the frozen wastes, knowing that one false step could cost me my life. Armed only with my wits and my KL mittens, I was able to lose the bloodthirsty beasts and make it safely back to basecamp. Whether you're fleeing from carnivorous cryptids in the high reaches of the Himalayas or just out walking the dog, KL mittens will keep your hands warm with wide variety of stylish patterns and colors to choose from. 

These are just a handful of the fantastic items we have for sale in the shop. Come on down and check it out. For your holiday health!


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  • Kitty Corcoran

    Hi all! I just ran across your website via a post on FB. It looks like you have started a fabulous business! I’m planning to stop for a little shopping before Christmas and very much looking forward to it!

    - Kitty

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