12/15 Patent Art Gallery Pop Up

PATENT ART GALLERY is based on the art of invention.  I research old patent applications; after obtaining the art from the United States Patent Office I clean it up and combine it into one visually appealing piece.  My prints are created using a two-stage process; first I print an antique sepia background, then I print the line art over it.  I have created prints from over 700 different patents in 30 different categories.

For the Pop-up shop at Little Button Shop I will bring all of my prints as well as two new projects I have been working on.  I will be bringing my new coasters; these are made from recycled soda bottles making them both waterproof and heat resistant.  They come in sets of four with each coaster representing a different patent within that theme.  Finally I will be premiering my jewelry line made from the keys from antique typewriters.  There is a limited supply of each letter key so get there early.  I am proud to say that I produce 100%  of my products in Rochester.  I look forward to seeing everyone on the 15th.