October 2017 Pop Up Shops

October 2017 Pop Up Shops

Autumn Yarn Swap and Clearance Sale - Thursday October 5th 5-8pm

Join us for our yearly yarn swap and yarn clearance sale! Find more info here.

Bee Paper House Pop Up Shop - Saturday, October 7th 12-4pm

Come see the work of Brittany Statt, the artist behind Bee Paper House.

Bee Paper House is a small studio powered by handlettering, illustration, and a splash of whiskey. Everything on the shop is uniquely crafted and custom lettered. My work is heavily influenced by all things vintage, such as old liquor labels, stamps, and signs.

Learn more about Brittany here.


Saturday, October 14th 12-4pm

Come see the beautiful and intracate work of Tranquillity Designs

Megan Alchowiak creates her work with small pieces of quilled paper, which are combined to make a larger image. Stop by the shop and see her many unique quilled pieces! 

Little Button will be hosting Tranquillity Designs for a pop up shop to show off some of her new work and other celebrated favorites.

You can see Megan's etsy page here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TranquillityDesigns

Queen B Lettering Pop Up Shop - Sunday October 15th, 12-4pm

Join Becca from Queen B Lettering to see her hand lettered posters, cards, and other goods!

"Hi, friends! I'm Becca. I'm a designer, creator, kitty mother and letter lover. 

Check out my shop where I write anything and everything!"

Learn more about Becca's work here.


Doris Clevinger Paper Quilling Pop Up Shop - Saturday October 21st 12-4pm

Doris Clevinger is a local artist that loves paper quilling! 

Doris will be here at Little Button showing off her latest paper quilling and quilt work. She quills everything from gift tags, to cards, to folded paper boxes. Come find the perfect gift for a friend or yourself!


Owl Post Lettering Pop Up Shop - Sunday October 22nd 12-4pm

Come see Anna's latest work, and celebrate your love for Rochester, NY!

Lefty, momma of 2, nerd. Offering thoughtful gifts, nerdy art, and super-fun workshops. Based in, and in love with, Rochester, NY. #roclettering

See more of Anna's work on her Etsy Page.


Teson Home Pop Up Shop - Thursday, October 26th 5-8pm

Terri Barbero of Teson Home is Little Button's Featured Artist for October 2017.

All of our items are made from the scraps and cast off pieces of recycled pallet wood and reclaimed lumber that were used in making our custom order backyard fences. We are taking the idea of "re-purposed" one big step further by reusing our own discarded materials. *Reduce. Reuse. Recycle*

We built our own beautiful picket fence from salvaged pallet wood back in 2014. We knew we were on to something when people started commenting on our fence and asking what company installed it. Then we started getting requests to build fences for friends and family. tesonHOME was born out of a desire to help others - help them get a beautiful fence to protect their pets and kids that wouldn't drain their bank accounts. Our fences are unique with their modular design and no-dig installation.

Building large pieces like fence panels means making a LOT of scraps. We saved most, thinking we would use it for bonfires or small hobbies. But then one bucket turned to two, then three, four, and then trash cans full. Multiple trash cans. FULL. In Oct 2016 we put our heads together and came up with our line of garlands and decorative painted letter blocks as a way to use up the scraps. We displayed them at a local craft show and nearly sold out in one day.

See more of TesonHOME on Etsy.

Makabre Art Pop Up Shop - Saturday, October 28th 12-4pm

Kirsten Meyer of Makabre Art creats art that blends a love for Rochester NY with a love of all things Macabre. Come get some halloween goodies to decorate your home with at her pop up shop!

See more of Kirsten's work on her Etsy Page.

WirthEDesigns Pop Up Shop - Sunday October 29th, 12-4pm

I have always been an incredibly tactile individual. From the time I was a young child, touching every piece of fabric in the clothing department, I have always had this magnetic need to feel and manipulate the materials around me. I have always loved the textures that clay has to offer during the molding process - but perhaps the most enticing part of the matter is the rough shaping it endures from your hands in the beginning, and the gentle detailing from your fingers in the end. Any medium which needs interaction from the hand itself to progress into a 3-D form has always intrigued me the most. For me, I have found the most practical and satisfactory material to be of a textile nature.

When I started working at Jackie Lynn's Fabric Center in July 2013, this same satisfactory feeling was awakened in me through sewing. In high school, my mother gave me her old sewing machine and I taught myself to make purses, do applique', and even make a queen size quilt, all without patterns. I found that a lot of the enjoyment came from creating the pattern for the product itself. Nowadays, I have my combination Brother sewing and embroidery machine as well as an old Singer serger to assist me in all my textile creations.

At the moment, I am stocking up on infinity tube scarves, which are a wonderful item to dress up your outerwear and keep you warm, and even jazz up a solid-colored shirt or dress. The patches I offer are a unique way to personalize your bag, hats, jackets and eve patch that old hole in your jeans! The items I make are meant to be easy to use, and I will gladly answer any questions or inquiries you might have. Thank you again for browsing my shop and taking the time to get to know me!

See More of Erin's work on her Etsy Page.