Honey Brook Journal Making Workshop

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Saturday May 27th, 2pm-4pm

Come join in on the fun and create your very own journal! We will create and sew a unique and useful product that you will have for a lifetime. Fill up this gorgeous creation with journal entires, sketches, recipes, dreams, to-do's, intentions, anything!

Our people created the first papers known as papyrus and amate in ancient Egyptian and South American cultures, and it is our duty to sustain the tradition of the hand written and restore our curiosity and excitement in the process. In an era laden with technology and a lack of a relationship with the hand made, come reactivate a different pathway in your brain while you rediscover the creative, intimate, and vital relation between our hands, our hearts, and our brains. Come and create, express, and discover as you are guided through the age old craft of journal making.