Craft Lives Here

The word "craft" can mean a whole lot. To the team here at Little Button, it means anything that's created by hand. This can include knitting, illustration, photography, needle felting, woodwork, and so much more!


The City of Rochester is rich with fantastic art. Rochester is also known for its heart. With that in mind, the mission for Little Button Craft was born: Find a way to marry the idea of a city full of unique crafts and its love for connection and community.


Little Button is proud to help many local Rochester artisans showcase their diverse hand crafted work. The idea of "local" considers anything created within a 100 mile radius of Rochester, NY. Through this showcase, we aim to provide creative inspiration, as well as an affordable and approachable environment to help the Rochester artistic community grow.

 Some Little Button artisans teach classes - allowing those who admire hand crafted work to learn and grow with the artisans themselves. See our "Sign Up For A Class" page to find our latest classes!

Whether you're a writer, painter, sculptor, quilter, engineer, or an admirer of those who create; you are welcome. Craft does not discriminate by any means. Any individual of any characteristic can create, and through our ability to create, we can craft a community that will continue to grow.


I hope to meet you soon!


Owner, Little Button Craft