Fall Introductory Machine Knitting Class

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Thursday, November 16th 6-8pm
Knitting machines have been around for a very long time but few people know about them.  Anything you can knit by hand you can knit with one of these machines, and having the ability to knit one row per second is pretty satisfying!  This is your chance to get familiar with these amazing machines and gain an understanding about the basic functions of machine knitting operation.  In this class you'll learn how to thread the machine, cast on and off, knit swatches, and practice different techniques.  No previous experience is necessary.
Joanna Thibault is originally from Toronto Canada and has taught machine knitting classefor several years in the fashion design program at the Academy of Design.  She has worked for various knitwear fashion designers and has also created her own fashion design labels.  Joanna has been working with knitting machines for nearly 20 years and is now finally sharing this knowledge here in Rochester at The Knitting Studio and Little Button Craft!