Makabre Art by Kirsten Meyer

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Not Art for the Faint of Heart

Kirsten Meyer attended Nazareth College for both her Bachelor's in Art Education and Master's in Creative Arts Therapy.

Kirsten's exploration of art began at a young age. Growing up in a family involved in the arts (her mother is also an artist), Kirsten's extracurricular actives as well as schooling, centered around creative expression of the arts; whether it be painting, drawing, sewing, sculpting, etc.

Makabre Art is the ultimate exploration and articulation of particular themes that continuously reemerge in Kirsten's quest for self-exploration through art: that of memento mori, or the macabre.

Memento mori, Latin meaning "remember that you have to die", is a common theme in art through out the ages. Particularly common imagery of the movement, involves the juxtaposition of symbols of death (i.e. skulls, skeletons, wilting flowers) with objects of impermanence (i.e. clocks, fruit and candles). This produces a message as to the fragility of life, and inescapability of death.

Makabre Art uses the traditional imagery of skulls, with a graphic modern twist, often accompanied by bold pattern and colors. Nautical, and tattoo inspired creations are also intermixed into Kirsten's designs.

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