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TranQuillity Designs paper quilling: turning strips of paper into beautiful art

I vaguely remember paper quilling as a one-time project in my 7th grade art class, but I never thought I would have picked it up 20 years later and opened an etsy shop.

As a little girl, my sister and I would spend hours doing different type of crafts and projects. We went through crafting phases: stamps, stickers, sand art, beaded jewelry, string/friendship bracelets, gel pens, paint, scrapbooking and our forever-favorite: polymer clay. During college I even had a failed attempt at learning knitting, so you can say that I’ve always had an interest in crafts and creating things.

It was only when I turned 30, that I realized I don’t have a “hobby” anymore. I didn’t have something that could be my creative release or my de-stressing activity after a long day. So I started exploring some hobby ideas and was drawn to paper quilling.

The name of the shop came out of the feeling of stress relief that I get when I’m quilling the paper strips into shapes. It is relaxing to me and I find myself slowing down and taking deeper breaths as I quill paper strips. Pair that with the actual art craft itself, quilling, and it’s a fun combination of the type of art and the stress relief it provides me. So TranQuillity Designs was born.

I don’t always sit down to work on a particular project. Many times I just take a group of quilling paper strips and quill shapes, not knowing their final purpose. My favorite colors and color combination is pink, purple and teal so often those are my go-to paper selections. When inspiration strikes for a finished design or project, I have many of the “parts” already in place so I can get to work quickly.

All items are handmade in Upstate New York.

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