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Mixing design, food, & life together.

My love for hand-lettering & design started in my BFA program at which I learned to joys of working in many mediums at a time. After college, I got into cooking and started a food blog, where I perfected my photography skills and started to bring together hand-drawn designs with those photos.

To help me in the kitchen as I grew the blog, I created a few kitchen posters so I wouldn't have to flip through tons of cookbooks just to do some basic prep work. The blog turned into Chickpea Magazine, a whole-foods cooking & lifestyle quarterly that we sell all around the world today.

I had learned more than I ever had before in starting the magazine, and I turned my anxiety-filled journal entries into quote posters to help others who struggle with certain aspects of life. From there, I've expanded my little Etsy shop into a a big mix of design work that's meant to be genuine and helpful.

I pride myself on creating totally unique lettering and making something useful out of it all. I hope you find my pieces just as helpful in your home as well. <3

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