Silencing the Inner Critic Workshop

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Sunday, September 3rd, 1-3pm

Silencing the Inner Critic
In this class, we will talk tackle the topic of the inner critic - that mean voice inside of all of us that tends to yell louder whenever we try to tap into our creativity. We will dive into discussion, and some solid, practical methods that you can use to turn down the volume on that voice, and move forward with your life and creativity. 
We will talk about: 
- Why the inner critic gets so much louder when we are creative
- What fear has to do with all of this
- How to personify and silence that inner critic (ways to flip that negativity on its head)
- Tips to take into the everyday to boost confidence in our own voice
On top of juicy discussion and practical teaching, there will be some other super fun surprises ;) Don't miss it!!